Take your cat with you wherever you go! Make every trip an adventure! This airline approved Canvas Bubble Cat Backpack carrier is purrfect for travelling with your furry friend. It has plenty of space and gives your kitty a roomy feel. Carrying a pet for long-distance or short-distance travel, this backpack meets the international airline approved pet backpack standard.
Cat backpack dimensions: 15” L x 11” W x 15.7” H. Suggested Weight: 0-16lbs for small to medium size cats and puppy. Most Airline Approved under seat. Important: Please Check your airline requirements before traveling.
Easy to carry pets for outdoor activities such as: driving out, walking to the park, going to the hospital for medical treatment, going to the cafe or shopping, can have more time to get along with your pet. Transparent Bubble Window Design: Cats love to keep a close eye on their surroundings. The large transparent window allows your fur baby to enjoy the outdoor sceneries even more.
To protect the safety of pets while traveling, to avoid the impact of road vehicles or other large pets on pets.
Carrying a pet to go out can let pets have more time to socialize with their friends, so that pets are no longer alone.
Excellent Ventilation: The mesh side panels and large ventilation air holes on the bubble attachment and both sides ensure fresh air circulation for your fur-kid.
Design of Front and side Pockets–The pockets can be flexibly used with mini fan, pet snacks and other items.
Semi-sphere designs allow your pets to enjoy the scenery and side entrance allows pet inside to stick her head out or helps you to feed them which provide maximum accessibility.
Adjustable padded shoulder straps provide comfortability when carring. Built-In security leash, mesh panels & ventilation holes, soft washable pad. It’s also portable & easy to store.
Functional & Durable: Made from premium pet safe canvas, this backpack is waterproof, claw-resistant, easy to clean, and lightweight. The wide padded shoulder straps are comfortable even during long outings and the chest buckle system also helps ease evenly disperse the weight of the load. The extra security leash prevents your cat from jumping out of the carrier. The front pockets are perfect for a can of friskies or a bag of treats!
Give your pet a “home” anytime, anywhere, so that your pet can have more security.
Durable–The backpack is made of superior High Density Canvas which is scratch-resistant and sturdy for long lasting use.


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